Stole & Spent

by Scott Low

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A dark sample of some solo fingerpicked folk songs while we wait for the March 2016 release of the full length studio album, 'THE NEW VINTAGE'.
Please enjoy and share and gift and tweet and sit down and LISTEN! Thanks for your support.
Turn off the radio and find some real new art!



released December 1, 2015

Written, Recorded, and Produced by Scott Low
@Grouse Mountain House



all rights reserved


Scott Low Clayton, Georgia

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Track Name: Keep on Getting Lost
keep on running down the hard road
pounding dents in american soil
only times i’ve ever felt right
wasn’t bourbon or the right high
it was 40 friends and a dive bar cry
rung ears and eyes out into the night
the encore brings out that feeling
it’s over again or did it begin?

Am G
Memphis belle behind the bar
guitars loaded in the car
one more round for my friends
keep on getting lost...avoiding the end

starting to feel old, is it time to quit?
top 40 cover bands, and DJ shit
we can’t pay, but you can beg for tips
turn some heads, make em remember it
sold a dozen more records today
nobody sees it, guess it’s ok
sometimes I’m poor, I’ll be fine
got beautiful wife easing my mind
too many songs never get heard
too many flyers never get hung
this road ain’t ever been that good
but i got plenty more miles under this wood
Track Name: Stole & Spent
C#9 G#m B E
as a boy i was left out to my own direction
out in the woods or flying thru the streets
North Carolina, Tennessee and Michigan
left me hot and cold, stranded again
raised under the cross of the lord, as a judge of a moral sword
just wanting to find the darkness and light
i didn’t want to care bout you, i didn’t even want a fight
i don’t wanna fight

G#m B C#m (E)
cry for me if you think i lost
or have gathered all the blizzard’s frost
reaped the visions of these holy men
it wasn’t stole, it wasn’t spent
it wasn’t stole, it wasn’t spent

the boy left the house hiked on up that hill
snowing or cooking graced the clumsy still //
moments of clear sight come in waves
the reason i drifted into ripples of days //
was that the hand to lead me was always
just a weak impression of a real man //
wasn’t that my parents they left me to find my own
maybe just some excuse that i had grown

left the home to find what i could destroy
left my failing to go out and find some more
been succeeding at that for ages and a day
guess my instincts had to come way to easy
riches are never my prize in the raffle
never a chance to reduce any hassle
nightmares of a plane of being speaks up
but my battles continue to heave and suck
Track Name: Alive and Free
Dm G Am C
swatting moths from the light
sitting alone after that night
punching holes in the walls
this cannot be how we fall
divorced widow of the force
just tall enough to ride this horse
young and clean in the spring
false and wise until last night Dm Em F G
C G Dm F
in the back of my truck is the last piece
one i will burn or throw in the swamp so deep
fight the horizon and chase the beast
Am G Dm F
alive and free, hide and haunt, sin and leave

wasn’t too far gone for my son
frozen choirs signal we’re done
be real and true sister girl
this hurt shall be our world
the plug don’t fit for the power
splice it new hour after hour
what an idea peace can be
you can just let it be in your dreams
Track Name: Let the Light Fade
Bm G D D/C#
let the light fade
always carry me deep into your eyes
let the light fade
livin’ with me somebody has to cry
enter the darkness
got a wooden penny for my worries
enter the black
i don’t know the judge or the jury

G D D/C# Bm (A)
lost man on a crashing trip
find the sight in your script
lighten the load for those who love
lift the ones and feel the light from above

give in to nothing
let the emptiness fill up your void
give in to nothing
hell ain’t nothing new to this boy
wanna hold on tight
but lack the courage or fight
wanna be saved
but the message is something that can’t be fake

G A D C# Bm
can you see me today from so so far away?
can you taste the fight that i have been made?
what do i gotta set on fire, who do i gotta burn?
guess this floor is my path, guess i gotta learn....